DIY Cardboard Loom Weaving Tutorial from Craftstylish here. I weave linen on a loom that takes up a good part of a room (handed down to me from my mom) but I began as a child with a simple loom like this. 

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I am going  to start off by saying there is absolutely no way I’d attempt making this. It’s so complicated looking and seems time consuming, but with that being said, it’s such an amazing project that I just had to share it. Knotted Flower Pendant tutorial at How Did You Make This?

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Miniature Weaving

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New handmade crochet mug cosies with bottoms now in my online store

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Learn to Crochet!
Crochet Gif Tutorials: Puff Stitch

The version of the puff stitch I’ve demonstrated here is a ‘7 loop puff’ (7 loops on your hook before you wrap the yarn over and pull through them all). This is probably the most common type of puff, but there can be a lot of variation between patterns. Sometimes they’ll require a 9 loops or 5 loops for more or less puffiness. Patterns will generally tell you how many loops to do, but if they don’t, I’d say 7 is pretty standard, or pick the puff level you like best.

Also, some patterns count the securing chain as a stitch on its own rather than as part of the puff - check your pattern so you don’t accidentally do it twice!

The trick with the puff stitch is to keep your yarn nice and loose.
Good luck! XX

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Hand dyed and hand spun BFL wool.

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DIY Seed Stitch Wrap:

Beautiful Free Pattern, from The Purl Bee.


dyeing - hahaaha


We dyed on Saturday night! this joke is never going to get old - dyed v died! childish i know but it makes me laugh!

So our Saturday night started with sashimi and sushi! not a bad start - and then on with our dyeing( hahaha)

and here are the results …..

We are only dyeing (haha) semi solids…

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